Finally. All your research

data in one place.

Centralize, organize and share your user research insights in a smart and secure repository that helps you increase the impact of your research work. 

Your Team’s Collective Brain.

Harness the power of collaborative research with the User Research Repository software behind the world’s best user experiences.


Get All Your Data In One Place

Centralize customer data such as feedback, interviews, testing sessions, and research notes alongside past research and insights in a smart user research repository software. Search through your repository with precision and find data to help you answer key research questions.

Analyse your Research Findings Faster

Create collaborative projects to streamline analysis and discover connections between learnings. Code your user research using highlights and tags to better organize research data. Develop a taxonomy that can be used by your whole team to keep analysis consistent.

Go Beyond Reports, Tell a Better Story

Engage Stakeholders with your findings by publishing short stories about your research work. Make your reports and summaries more engaging and effective. Share your findings easily and track who is reading and engaging with insights across the entire organization.

Connect the Dots from Past Research Automatically

Connect findings from previous research work automatically and build a knowledge graph from your insights. Identify gaps in your customer understanding and map timeless insights easily.

Flexibility For Large Teams

Manage user permissions, create multiple instances for different teams, and control how information is shared and who has access to it. Use our API to import data from EnjoyHQ to internal systems.

On-Demand Video Transcriptions for Busy Researchers

Upload your video files and get an accurate transcription in minutes. Analyse your customer interviews and share insights easily. 

Stellar Support

Expert support to help you migrate data from other platforms or get setup from scratch.

Fully Integrated & Automated

Powerful integrations and APIs to automate the collection of data across all your tools and channels

Trusted By The Best

Trusted by security teams with the highest standards. Fully GDPR Compliant

Everything You Need To Supercharge User Research

Taxonomy Manager

Keep your classification system organized.

Research Projects

The workspace for your analysis. Group insights and tell better stories about your findings.

Smart Search Suggestions

Get answers in one click.

Robust User Management

Share data with confidence. Grant different permission levels as needed.

Saved Search

Bookmark reports, evidence and anything you want to remember for future research.

Comments and @Mentions

Collaborate with multiple teams and get everybody on the same page.

Audio and Video Transcriptions

Make all your audio and video content searchable.

App Review Translations

Translate all your reviews into English automatically!


Send customer feedback to EnjoyHQ without leaving Slack


Curate relevant feedback by highlighting the important bits.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify positive and negative feedback from any channel.

Beautiful visualizations

Create engaging reports that help you tell a better story.


Group your customers or users any way you want.


Assign tags, properties and sentiment automatically. 

Powerful APIs

Bring data from internal tools or build your own integrations!

Customer Learning At Scale

Align your entire organization around the customer and build amazing user experiences.

Learn how UX and Product teams are succeeding with EnjoyHQ

“We had a discovery project on a topic that none of us has researched before. But when I went into the research repository, there were already more than 100 different research articles mentioning that topic in one way or the other. This really boosts the speed of our research. And EnjoyHQ is unquestionably leading the field in terms of surfacing existing insights with their elaborate Search functionality”

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Zsombor Varnagy-Toth
UX Research Lead at Emarsys

“My original plan for finding a research repository was to get everything out of my head - the knowledge I’ve accumulated can’t live and die with me, it has to be accessible to everyone at the company. We’re making good progress - more people are consuming research and pulling out insights related to their research questions”

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Lindsay Boylan
UX Researcher.
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