Supercharge Your Research Operations

Engage stakeholders and product leaders with your findings

A Powerful Repository

Centralize all your research data and customer insights. Upload data in a variety of formats and organize your learnings easily so you can empower team members to share knowledge across the entire organization.

Streamline Research

Optimize your research process using customizable rules and automations. Powerful search and segmentation help you find answers to research questions faster. 

Get Everybody Onboard

Democratize access to data and have better conversations about your product. Help your Product Team find, collaborate on, and integrate research findings into their work.

How We Can Help You

Research Data At Your Fingertips

Use native integrations to centralize feedback data from multiple systems in seconds. Search filters, smart term matching, search recommendations, and sophisticated query operations make it easy to find answers to your most important research questions. 


Easily Organize Your Findings

Build a research taxonomy with tag hierarchies that allow you to better analyze feedback, identify themes, and even group your findings automatically. You can build live research projects that help you tell the story behind your user research and share insights with your stakeholders more effectively.


Share Insights That Get Read

Easily group insights into project-specific playlists that you can share with your stakeholders or entire company. Keep everyone up to date with the latest feedback and findings, and get instant visibility into which team members have shared, read, or commented on your findings. 

Source Customers Easily

Easily identify the right customers to talk to. Create user or customer segments that help you manage your research process. Coordinate your research efforts and avoid contacting customers who already participated in interviews.

Tell a Better Story with Your Data

Quantify your findings, bring qualitative and quantitative data together easily.

Everything You Need To Supercharge User Research

Tag Manager

Keep your classification system organized.


Send customer feedback to EnjoyHQ without leaving Slack


Curate relevant feedback by highlighting the
important bits.


Collaborate with multiple teams and get everybody on the same page.

Saved Searches

Bookmark reports, evidence and anything you want to remember for future research.


Organize your research in project-specific spaces. Group insights and tell better stories about your findings.


Getting customer feedback from around the world? No problem - we've got your back.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify positive and negative feedback from any channel

User Management

Share data with confidence. Grant different permission levels as needed.

Designers & Researchers EnjoyHQ


Adele Simor
Marketing and Advocacy Manager at Geckoboard
“Putting our customer data into EnjoyHQ allows us to add further context to our feedback research. We can easily find common themes amongst different customer segments, which allows us to build great experiences for our differing use cases.”

Bret Scofield
Senior Interaction Designer at Sumo Logic
"We had absolutely tons of data and needed a way to actually filter through it and discover how our customers are experiencing our product. We had a general sense of what people were having a bit of difficulty with, but EnjoyHQ really allowed us to quantify all of it.”

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testimonial image 3

Zack Price
Global Success Manager at zkipster
“We knew we were gathering a lot of valuable feedback, but we didn't have a way to quickly identify trends. NomNom has been a great partner in being able to help us put our data together, make sense of it, as well as giving me the ability to share that data with the rest of my team.”

Hlynur Johnsen
Product Manager at Tempo
"Before EnjoyHQ, we had feedback pouring in from multiple channels with no easy way to organize everything for research purposes. Now we centralize all of our feedback in EnjoyHQ and utilize the project and tagging features to drill down for key insights. Our product and engineering teams are learning more about our customers than ever before, which helps us to build a first-class experience.”

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