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Research Lives

EnjoyHQ Helps You Do Better UX Research Faster

“I no longer feel like important information is escaping as it did before. EnjoyHQ helped me become so much more efficient. My insights are better, too, because I have more gathering capability. Before, data collection and organization was so manual in nature, so tedious to do.

I describe EnjoyHQ as a place of truth, the place where research lives

Genevieve Kelly - Product Designer, and Lead UX Researcher.

Everything you need to build an Effective Research System

Centralize all your research data, improve collaboration, standardize your research process and share insights easily.

Tag and Property Manager

Keep your classification system organized. Manage tags, properties and labels easily.

GDPR Compliant

Data security and privacy comliance. Trusted by private and public companies all over the world.

Knowledge Graph and Visualizations

Analyse your data and build helpful reports. Connect the dots between insights.

Advanced Search

Find anything in seconds. Hundreds of filters at your fintertips. AI powered search that works


Standardize your research practice by building templates that everybody can use. Empower more people to do better research.

Native Integrations

Deep integrations that give you real superpowers and acces to customer feedback easily and say goodbye to complicated Zapier workflows

Unlimited Storage

Upload files of all sizes and formats with no additional charges.

Unlimited Transcriptions

Turn your audio or video recordings into timestamped transcripts.

Governance And Metrics

Get instant visibility of who’s engaging with insights, how internal teams are using your research repository.

“The results that HoneyBook has achievend since switching to EnjoyHQ are beyond expectations. It did more than make the research process easier - it empowered the company with the user insights needed to deliver on their mission to put customers first.

We’re no longer repeating research. We get to focus on how we move forward quickly.”

Nicole Wright - UX Research Lead @ HoneyBook

From Solo Researcher to Enterprise

Whether you are the only one researcher at your company or you work with multiple research teams at a large corporation, EnjoyHQ can help.

Your Team’s Collective Brain


“EnjoyHQ empowers us to make vastly better product decisions. It's a fantastic tool!”

“EnjoyHQ is unquestionably leading the field in terms of surfacing insights with their robust functionality. Our research team is faster and happier with EnjoyHQ”

“EnjoyHQ is User Research on Steroids! The more you put in it, the more you get out of it, and you can really answer user questions in no time without needing necessarily new research. Finally tap into the acumulated user research done throughout the company - no more double work!”

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Trusted By The Best

Trusted by security teams with the highest standards. Fully GDPR Compliant

24/7 Stellar Support

Expert support to help you migrate data from other platforms or get setup from scratch.

Continuous Learning

EnjoyHQ continuously publishes research and expert interviews on ResearchOps. Get exclusive access with your subscription.

“With our strategy to scale UX research, the first step was finding a proper tool to make all insights and research searchable in one place. That holistic view of the feedback we are getting and the research we are doing is crucial for prioritization and collaboration. EnjoyHQ helps make everything accessible”

Caroline Rathgeb - UX Researcher at Personio