Turn User Research Into
Better Decisions

The User Research Platform for Data-Driven Teams

Centralize all research data, identify themes, and use powerful search capabilities to

discover insights and build better experiences.

Here’s how EnjoyHQ helps you make the most out of your user research findings

Centralize all your data in one place

Import files from any tool in any format and start analysing your user research data easily. Everything searchable in seconds.

Share insights easily

Tell better stories about your findings and share insights that truly engage your team and stakeholders.

Build a knowledge graph from all your research work

Connect the dots automatically and identify patterns across all your user research activity over time.

Your Team’s Collective Brain

Our user research platform helps to centralize feedback, interviews, testing sessions, user research notes and more in one place to build a single source of truth for your research organization.

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Improve your User Research Outcomes

Use our platform to organize your research in collaborative projects to streamline your analysis and discover insights faster. Uncover patterns and build connections between learnings to have a constantly up-to-date understanding of your customers.

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Build Institutional Knowledge

Share insights throughout your organization to scale learning. Control how information is shared and who has access to it. See metrics on your teams’ engagement with user research findings.

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Stellar Support

Expert support to help you migrate data from other platforms or get setup from scratch.

Fully Integrated & Automated

Powerful integrations and APIs to automate the collection of data across all your tools and channels

Trusted By The Best

Trusted by security teams with the highest standards. Fully GDPR Compliant

Customer Learning At Scale

Align your entire organization around the customer and build amazing user experiences.

See How Teams are
Using EnjoyHQ

“Our product and engineering teams are learning more about our customers than ever before!”

Hlynur Johnsen

Product Manager at Tempo

“EnjoyHQ empowers us to make vastly better product decisions. It's a fantastic tool!”

Kurt Meyer

Co-Founder at Boardingware

“We had a general sense of where people were having a bit of difficulty with, but EnjoyHQ really allowed us to quantify all of it."

Bret Scofield

Lead UX Researcher at Sumo Logic