Four Reasons Why EnjoyHQ is The Best Alternative to Airtable for Building your User Research Repository

If you’re looking for an alternative to Airtable, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four reasons why EnjoyHQ is a better choice for serious UX teams.

1 - EnjoyHQ Makes It Possible To Centralize Your Feedback and User Research Data In One Place

Putting information into Airtable or another spreadsheet tool is a mostly manual process. You can automate adding text to these tools using an app like Zapier, but the majority of information put into spreadsheets is added manually by the user.

EnjoyHQ has native integrations that make adding customer feedback and user research data a breeze. It’s common for organizations to have feedback and research data stored in multiple tools; EnjoyHQ can sync directly with these tools and pull in feedback data automatically. This allows your user research team to automate the capture of feedback for future analysis.

2 - The Experience of Organizing and Analyzing Data In EnjoyHQ is Superior

EnjoyHQ is a true UX repository that allows you to search through data and information stored within the platform with sophisticated search functionality. Users can build complex queries to find exactly what they’re looking for in seconds, search queries can be saved for repeat use, and the tagging of feedback can be automated thanks to EnjoyHQ’s robust search engine.

Airtable and spreadsheets can be searched, but not with the same level of depth or complexity as EnjoyHQ. Columns and rows can be filtered on a spreadsheet, but unless all of your feedback and research data are stored in one sheet, any search or filter you perform will reveal only part of the story.

Feedback and user research data can be tagged in both EnjoyHQ and Airtable, but EnjoyHQ allows you to manage your research taxonomy in a much more sophisticated way with Tag and Property managers - these interfaces allow you to organize your classification system across multiple team members, making it easier to maintain a consistent taxonomy across all research projects.

3 - It Takes Less Time and Effort To Discover Insights using EnjoyHQ

EnjoyHQ’s overall workflow is much more conducive to finding insights within customer feedback and user research data. Searching through your repository is much easier in EnjoyHQ, and the Project workspaces are perfect for centralizing relevant feedback and user research material in a dedicated “inbox”.

All feedback contained within an inbox can be processed for Insights, which can then be grouped into “Stories” which provide more context into the findings. Further, any insights can be traced back to the original document or source material they came from. 

Airtable and spreadsheets are much more conducive to storing data, and therefore don’t have effective workflows for discovering insights. Much of the discovery process is done manually by filtering columns and rows, and identifying important information contained within individual cells.

4 - Sharing Research Findings and Insights With Your Team Is Easier With EnjoyHQ

EnjoyHQ has dedicated summary spaces where researchers can add full context to their research findings. Images, videos, reports, and text can all be added alongside insights to give anyone consuming the summary all of the information they need to understand the findings. Summaries can be made public, giving anyone in your organization the ability to see a read-only version of the document.

Spreadsheets were designed to store and organize information; taking information from a spreadsheet and converting it into something that can be consumed by a stakeholder is a manual process that often involves the user building a presentation or document to display their findings.

Sharing information directly from a spreadsheet is often avoided because information is difficult to consume when organized into columns and rows. You also can’t provide full context to your research findings because not every spreadsheet tool allows you to upload images, videos, and other forms of supporting media.

These are just a few of the reasons why EnjoyHQ

is a smarter choice for building your user research repository.

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