Four Reasons Why EnjoyHQ is The Best Alternative to Productboard for Building your Research Repository

If you’re looking for an alternative to Productboard, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four reasons why EnjoyHQ is a better choice for serious UX teams.

1 - Save Time By Automating Tasks In EnjoyHQ

Powered by EnjoyHQ’s search functionality, Rules allow you to find relevant documents and automate actions to classify and organize the information within. You can setup rules that automate the tagging of feedback based on keywords; you can also automate the collection of feedback in project-specific inboxes. Rules in EnjoyHQ help you save time and energy normally used to classify and organize feedback so you can focus on finding more insights.

Users can import customer feedback and research data into Productboard, but the product lacks the functionality to automate actions like tagging feedback. Because of this, classifying and organizing data within Productboard is a manual process that requires an ongoing time investment.

2 - EnjoyHQ’s Search Is More Sophisticated And Robust

Productboard supports simple keyword searches that index results from a shared inbox, but more sophisticated search features such as saved searches and tag automation aren’t available with Productboard.

When you enter a keyword into the search bar of EnjoyHQ, a variety of suggestions will appear based on the content contained within your repository. You can build very specific queries using AND and OR operators, allowing you to find what you’re looking for in seconds. In addition, EnjoyHQ lets you save searches so you can see a constantly updated list of search results over time. The power of EnjoyHQ’s search also extends into important features such as the automated tagging of feedback.

3 - Collaborating With Other Researchers And Stakeholders Is Easier In EnjoyHQ

Productboard has a system for collaborating with internal users, but it’s built for the needs of product managers. Feature planning, changes to the product roadmap, and release planning are the main use cases for collaborating within Productboard; these tasks come after research in the product development process, making the platform a better fit for product managers looking to build and share their product roadmap.

EnjoyHQ was designed to bridge the gap between Product and UX teams. We are solely focused on helping teams do better customer research, faster. Unlike roadmapping tools like Productboard that aim to address many use cases, EnjoyHQ specializes in one job - we help you build a better customer research and discovery process.

4 - Customer Segmentation Is Only Available In EnjoyHQ

Attaching customer information to feedback in Productboard requires you to make manual entries. You also can’t group customers into segments, which makes it more difficult to evaluate the reach and impact of particular insights across your entire customer base.

EnjoyHQ imports user properties from your connected integrations, giving full context to the feedback stored within your repository. Further, you can filter feedback and research data by user properties such as persona, plan value, features used, and past participation in research studies. This makes finding exactly who and what you’re looking for much easier. You can also create segments of users within EnjoyHQ based on user properties, allowing you to see feedback and research data from different cohorts within your overall user base.

5 - Visualize Your Feedback and Research Data with EnjoyHQ

EnjoyHQ’s reporting functionality makes it possible to visualize trends in your feedback and research data. The results of any search query can be translated to a graph, allowing you to see a variety of data points represented by your search results. You can also create reports for your individual research projects and attach your visualizations to the Project Summary. Finally, multiple reports can be grouped together in a Dashboard, which can be shared with stakeholders and other members of your team.

Productboard doesn’t offer reporting for feedback and research data. The visualizations offered by Productboard are geared towards a product management use case with features such as roadmaps visualizations and prioritization matrices.

6 - EnjoyHQ Supports Video Uploads

EnjoyHQ supports video uploads, allowing you to store usability sessions or user interviews alongside feedback and research data. Storing videos in your repository gives your team full context behind your research work, and makes it easier to find and revisit the video content for use in future research work. (Coming soon!) - videos uploaded to EnjoyHQ will be transcribed for free, allowing you to analyze your research media for further insights.

Productboard doesn’t support video uploads - you’ll have to continue storing video files in separate systems. If your goal is to create a research repository, having source materials such as user interviews stored alongside the rest of your research data is important - the content within your videos could be important to stakeholders and other researchers.

7 - EnjoyHQ Offers An Import and Export API

EnjoyHQ’s API is extremely robust and allows you to import documents and user properties from your own internal data or systems that don’t natively integrate with EnjoyHQ. You can also export data from EnjoyHQ into your internal systems to enrich customer information.

Productboard doesn’t offer an API and is therefore limited to integrating with the systems they have already built integrations with. You also can’t export information from Productboard systematically - data exports are only offered in the form of .CSV files.

These are just a few of the reasons why EnjoyHQ

is a smarter choice for building your research repository.

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