Four Reasons Why EnjoyHQ is The Best Alternative to Dovetail for Building your Research Repository

If you’re looking for an alternative to Dovetail, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four reasons why EnjoyHQ is a better choice for serious UX teams.

1 - Native Integrations from EnjoyHQ Are Faster And Easier To Setup

Dovetail’s integrations are powered by Zapier - integrating third party apps with Dovetail requires you to signup for Zapier (a paid application) in addition to manually setting up the connection between Dovetail and your third party applications.

While Zapier is great, it’s not 100% reliable and you risk missing out on synching data between third party applications. Finally, the process of configuring the connections to get data into Dovetail is fairly involved and requires a significant time commitment to setup and test the connection.

EnjoyHQ builds native integrations that make connecting feedback and research data much faster and easier to setup than integrations powered by Zapier. In most cases, native integrations with EnjoyHQ only require you to authenticate your credentials for third party applications and then make a few decisions about what kind of data should be synched.

2 - Information About Your Users Is Stored In EnjoyHQ To Add Context To Feedback and Research

Because Dovetail’s integrations are connected through Zapier, customer information attached to a piece of feedback or research data can’t be imported. Adding context to research data requires manual work in Dovetail, and you can’t create segments or cohorts of users within the platform.

EnjoyHQ imports user properties alongside feedback and research data, giving full context to the information stored within your repository. Further, you can filter feedback and research data by user properties such as persona, plan value, features used, and past participation in research studies. This makes finding exactly who and what you’re looking for much easier.

You can also create segments of users within EnjoyHQ based on user properties, allowing you to see feedback and research data from different cohorts within your overall user base.

3 - EnjoyHQ’s Search Is More Sophisticated And Robust

Dovetail supports simple keyword searches and a query language that can use multiple filters, but more sophisticated search features such as saved searches and tag automation aren’t available on Dovetail.

EnjoyHQ’s search functionality is more sophisticated in that you can enter a keyword into the search bar and a variety of suggestions will appear. You can also build very specific queries using AND and OR operators, allowing you to find what you’re looking for in seconds.

In addition, EnjoyHQ supports saved searches so you can see a constantly updated list of search results over time. The power of EnjoyHQ’s search also extends into important features such as the automated tagging of feedback.

4 - Collaborating With Other Researchers And Stakeholders Is Easier In EnjoyHQ

Dovetail makes it possible to share research with stakeholders and other members of your organization via email invites. Within the app you can set user permission levels to gate certain edit features. At this time there’s no way for users to tag each other and communicate within the app, and you cannot import messages or files from Slack or other communication tools into Dovetail.

User permissions can be set within EnjoyHQ - admins are given full access to all features and functionality, while collaborators have limited editing privileges to maintain the consistency of data in the repository. EnjoyHQ allows you to collaborate with others in dedicated comment sections where you can tag team members to call attention to pieces of feedback or research insights.

You can also share read-only versions of research summaries, feedback documents, and insights directly to Slack using EnjoyHQ’s Slack integration. EnjoyHQ’s Slack integration can also be used to forward messages and files from Slack into your repository, making the capture of relevant feedback from customer-facing team members much easier.

These are just a few of the reasons why EnjoyHQ

is a smarter choice for building your research repository.

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