Three Reasons Why EnjoyHQ is The Best Alternative to Confluence for Building your Research Repository

If you’re looking for an alternative to Confluence, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three reasons why EnjoyHQ is a better choice for serious UX teams.

1 - EnjoyHQ Is a Dedicated Repository; Confluence Is Built For Many Use Cases

Confluence is undoubtedly a great tool - it’s very flexible, allowing teams with a wide variety of use cases to adopt it into their workflow. This is also one of the drawbacks of using Confluence as a research repository - while you can manipulate the platform to act as a repository, it will never be built for that specific use case. You’ll find yourself doing manual work to make Confluence a serviceable repository, but there will always be small pieces missing, such as the ability to tag feedback/research data and create user segments.

EnjoyHQ is a dedicated repository, and our team builds the product with the UX research use case in mind. This focus allows us to build products and workflows that ultimately make your job as a UX researcher easier. In addition, we take product feedback very seriously and are constantly re-evaluating our roadmap to ensure the needs and pain points of UX researchers are being met.

2 - Organizing and Analyzing Data Is Much Easier in EnjoyHQ

Confluence has native integrations with popular customer facing tools, allowing you to centralize feedback from different systems within the platform. But organizing that feedback alongside your research data in a way that is conducive to pulling out insights can be difficult. For one, you’ll have to manually organize your feedback and research material into individual documents. You also cannot tag pieces of text using any kind of classification or taxonomy - you can only highlight and add comments to pieces of information you want to call out.

It’s important for a UX researcher to be able to classify information within customer conversations and research material. Adding tags and properties to your information allows you to organize your repository, as well as quantify certain aspects of your research.

EnjoyHQ supports complex research taxonomies, allowing you to attach tags and multiple properties to pieces of information in seconds. These tags and properties allow you to search for very specific information within your repository to assist in answering research questions; your tags and properties also allow you to create reports within EnjoyHQ where you can see the volume of tags and/or properties attached to documents within your repository, as well as how the volume of tags and properties change over time.

3 - You’ll Discover Insights Faster In EnjoyHQ

The process for discovering insights within Confluence is largely dependent upon how you organize the information within the platform. If you are able to spend considerable amounts of time organizing information and highlighting important bits, then pulling out insights will be possible but also time consuming. If you aren’t diligent about keeping information organized within the platform, insights will likely fall through the cracks. Individual researchers will likely have fewer issues using Confluence, but teams with multiple researchers will find it hard to collaborate without any features or processes to keep your taxonomy consistent.

EnjoyHQ is built specifically to help you scale your research operations. The platform allows you to onboard new team members with ease by providing structure for consolidating feedback and research data, analyzing data for insights, and ultimately summarizing the findings of your research. This structure not only helps new team members get up to speed faster, but it also helps your entire research team develop repeatable practices that result in more impactful research.

These are just a few of the reasons why EnjoyHQ

is a smarter choice for building your research repository.

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